Our Process

“Home is where one starts from.”  –T.S. Eliot

You don’t like chaos and neither do we.

Time is a valued asset. We understand you’re busy and want a company you can rely on and trust: a team that believes in effective planning and keeping you on top of the process every step of the way, so you feel at ease and in control. What we’ve found to be successful is to outline the construction process in a way that’s easy to understand and follow. By this approach, you’re not caught off guard or surprised; You know what to expect. Our priority is to make your project feel relatively effortless with a timeline you can count on. To do so, we follow a regimented process and guide the way.

Whether it’s your first home improvement venture or you’ve renovated before, our transparent style and forthright management process will accommodate your needs. While the below may seem simple, knowing the steps ahead of time will help reduce anxiety and eliminate the need for guesswork.


icon-consultationFirst, we schedule an on-site appointment to discuss your project and timeline. Our owner-operator takes notes and measurements, asking questions along the way to develop a concise understanding of your project. If an estimate is not provided to you on the spot, you’ll be given our lead-time so you know when to expect it. We evaluate your project and put together an effective planning strategy that meets your desired image and budget.


icon-estimateThe scope of work will be outlined in detail and sent via email, fax, or we may schedule an in-person appointment for review. We give you the time you need to review everything and call us if you have questions or need to make any adjustments.

We pride ourselves on the fact we don’t give teaser rates or lowball estimates just to get our foot in the door. We offer straightforward consultations and estimates, every time.


icon-kickoffWhen you’re ready to move forward, we will meet again to thoroughly review the scope of work, blueprint (if applicable), and agreement. A reasonable retainer is required at this stage to secure a project start date. We provide you with a working schedule outlining each step along the way, so your project stays in sync with your calendar and your expectations. We’ll make initial arrangements such as acquiring the proper permits from the building department and coordinating when materials should be on-site. We’re familiar with the unique challenges of NJ & NYC apartment renovations and can help you through the extra steps required to obtain building approval. You’ll have your finger on the pulse at every point in the process—we make sure of it. We confirm your project start date and voila, you’re on your way to a more beautiful home!

[Prior to the project start date, our team will coordinate the logistics with you and your building managment (if applicable) such as the start time and work hours, delivery schedule, confirming where the material and/or construction debris will be stored, and the location of the dumpster, porta-potty and barricades (if applicable). The construction timeline is established and after the project commences, our team will check-in with you and keep you up-to-date on the progress so you’re in the know and in control at all times. The scope of work, all additional work orders and change orders if any, will be in writing so no changes will be made without your approval. We confirm locations of the materials with you such as the tile layout, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures and accessories. When your project is near completion, we will schedule a walk-through with you to make sure everything is to your satisfaction]

Your project gets the attention it deserves. Get it done right: Get Bodee!

Experience the Bodee difference.