“Thatch your roof before rainy weather; dig your well before you become parched with thirst.”
-Chinese Proverb

Home RoofingGot a leak? The four seasons can sure take a toll on your roof. One day it’s warm and the next day you’re dealing with a pile of damaging snow weighing it down. Then, the snow melts away and you’re left with water stains on your ceiling and a ceiling-sag situation. Water penetration not only damages your roof, but can also damage your indoor valuables—not to mention the health risks to your family from mold growth in those high-moisture areas.

Prevention is key.

If you experience any issues with your roof, it is best to have it looked at now before it causes any more damage. You can trust Bodee to let you know if you need a small spot repair or a full roof replacement.

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Instead of waiting until the damage is done, call Bodee today for your free roof assessment.