Bodee makes your home a home to want to go home to!

First impressions are the most lasting impressions. Make yours impressive! When you pull up to your house does it look cheerful and inviting, or is it unkempt and dreary? If your house is not as attractive as you want it to be, keep on reading …

“The house is but the externalized man.”
-Frank A. Parsons

Home is where your story begins

Home SidingWe believe when your home looks wonderful inside and out, it helps YOU feel wonderful inside and out. A home that nurtures, supports, and inspires you will encourage you to start the day on your best foot and step out feeling fulfilled and better equipped to face the world. Even better yet, upon return, it will welcome you home.

Make a powerful first impression

The exterior appearance of your house speaks volumes. Does yours represent your style and character well? New siding serves at least two essential purposes: not only does it add an aesthetic treatment to your home, it also offers protection against harsh weather like rain, wind and snow. Your new siding will serve as a weatherproof barrier against air leakage and water penetration.

 A home of distinction

Add that curb appeal you’ve always wanted. Update your home’s exterior with stucco, vinyl, fiber-cement, aluminum, cedar shakes, engineered wood, brick, and/or stone. To increase the visual charm we can incorporate columns, copper window roofs, or redesign your exterior completely. With so many variations, why not make yours unique?

“Live in a space that reflects the life you want to live…then live it!”  -Cristin Zeger